Mutianyu Great Wall 650RMB

The price for per Vehicle, 1-4 passengers

Includes: driver, gas, tolls, parking fee, Exclude: Entrance ticket

Service time: 8 hours (Overtime: +50 RMB/30 minutes)

Mutianyu Great Wall +Summer Palace +Olympic Park 850 RMB    The price for per  Vehicle(1-4)passengers
     includes:driver, gas,tolls,parking fee 
           exclude:Entrance ticket
           Service time:8  hours
           no shopping stop
Mutianyu Great Wall +Ming Tombs + Olympic Park 850RMB    The price for per  Vehicle(1-4)passengers
     includes:driver, gas,tolls,parking fee 
           exclude:Entrance ticket
           Service time:8  hours
           no shopping stop
Discount ticket Booking and transfer for night show

    KungFu or Acrobatic show

HuTong tour by ricksha/w Price :150RMB/person
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Welcome friends to my website.

 I  am Harry, an English speaking
 professional driver. I have been doing
 private tours in Beijing for many years.

I know a lot about Beijing's history,
culture, good local restaurants , main tourist
attractions etc. I am happy to answer your
questions anytime and act as your translator.

My service includes: Airport transfer, Great 
Wall Tours, downtown tours , car hire etc.

I am a non Smoker, so my car, a Hyundai
Sonata is always clean and is very spacious, 
with comfortable seats . I have good driving skill and experience. So I will provide safe, 
pleasant  driving service when you hire me.

I  enjoy my job as I enjoy meeting new people from different countries
Through word of mouth,  I have met many new business clients and made a
lot of friends.
I would be grateful if you refer my services to your friends and colleagues. 
I speak English well and would enjoy to show my city to you.                                                                                                 
                                                     Thanks friends! 

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